Based at Murrell Farm, a small holding of 3000 sheep, Kidney Cove tours can offer you exculsive tours in and around our farm.

We have been running tours since 1999 and have invested into our infrastructure during this period of time.

We have tours that are run for the many cruise ships that call into Stanley, and for the tourist who are in the Islands for a longer period know as land-based tourists.


We also have 14 & 16 seater mini buses to higher with a driver, groups that would like a guide to help with your tour hear, these can take you on a east falkland round robin to the 1982 war memorials.

Or just go for a drive around out side of stanley, to take in the beauty.

We also do air port runs, please make sure you have enough money to last you over the weekend you arrive as there are no A.T.M. here.

Bank opening times are Mon To Friday 08.30 to 15.00.

Up date November 2014.

Hi all have a great stay all penguins are back, fishing not to bad have a safe trip.


P.S. Have had some wounder peopl through so far this season thank you every one. Kat, Jo, and all the rest.