Tours for Cruise Ships

For the cruise line visitors we have a time limit because of your short stay here, as much as we would like to look after your need’s in the short time you are in. Rockhopper tours offer you the chance to see these wounderfull little creatures.


Rockhoppers tour’s a must on you short visit the smallest of our penguins but a little gem to watch, we suggest that this will be your only chance on your cruise tour to see these little master’s, we do have limited seating in our 4x4 you must understand that all penguin colony’s are close to a shore line so travel is done over land in a 4x4 vehicle so there are few hidden surprise in store, just an hour away from Stanley it can be a little bumpy and if you do suffer with a back, neck problems, or pregnant we advise not to do these tour’s.

Sparrow Cove Penguin adventure tour again you might also get a chance on this tour to see some King penguins this tour is off roading as well so any one suffering with back, neck problems, or pregnant is advised not to go. On all penguin tour’s offered we have first class off road driver’s not all are Guides but have there own stories to tell and just sit back and enjoy the best off roading you will ever be on.

 Up date 03rd September,

Will let evry one know when all wild life is back.

As not to loose out on you seeing the wild life we have please book soon as seats go quickly.


Best wishes,