Land Based Tours

Kevin's tem pound 2 sea troutOur Land Based tours are done to make your stay the most enjoyable. Tourist who are visting the islands for more than a day, we offer not only penguin tours (Rockhoppers and Gentoos) but also fishing trips and tours around the battlefield memorials from 1982. We can pick you up from MPC, Stanley and will build a tour to suits your needs all you have to do is contact us.

Fishing is growing slowly we have a perfect private fishing area to fish for Sea Trout and Mullet, size in single also double figures, the Murrell River is just 20 minutes away from Stanley by 4x4.

We also have a marvellous view's of some of the 1982 battle fields, Longdon, Wirless Ridge, Tumble Down, Two Sister’s, Mt Kent, we do have an excellent wild life places on a normal run around you can see 3 types of penguins the Rockhoppers, Gentoo, Magellanic. On a really good day you also may see the Macaroni and King so in all you may see 5 types of penguines, again its on private land our’s, so its your own private penguin excursion.

We also do Lan flight pick & drop at a good rate.

Please remeber there is no A.T.M. so please bring enough with you for the week end.


Again please carry enough money also to keep you going to monday, also transport to Stanley can only be booked before you arrive as there will be no taxi waiting for you to take you, there will be busses but they  have to be booked as welll there is not a taxi service available to take you so please have a safe journy also accomidation has to be booked before you arrive as you will not be allowed into the Falklands if you do not have any.

Update 03rd September 2015.

This season is looking busy yet again we wish to thank every one that has booked us, lets hope all goes well will up date when all wild life is back.